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Amaker 300 for EP6DS Peugeot 1.6T

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Amaker 300 for EP6DS Peugeot 1.6T

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Replace and upgrade 53039880117, 53039700121, 5303970179, 5303970217
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Amaker 300 for Peugeot 1.6T 207 308 RCZ is very suitable for users who are looking for responsive turbo, horsepower in overall range as well as high-end power. The output is constantly produced, from mid RPM to the high range.  The maximum horsepower is expected to reach 300HP.

Peugeot 207

EP6DT 1.6L

207 RC 2006~
Peugeot 3008 2009~
308 2007~2013
5008 2009~
Citroen DS3

EP6DT 1.6L

C4 2009~



  • Direct Bolt-On ; can use the original car peripheral parts, easy and convenient to install.

  • The upgraded aero grade aluminum billet compressor wheel allows higher intake air volume and improves air inlet efficiency.

  • This upgraded high-flow turbine wheel comes with Inconel alloy.  It consists of metal nickel as high as 70%, able to withstand higher temperature and pressure.  As to the blade design, it offers much higher efficiency in terms of airflow, smoother exhaust and backpressure reduction.  In return, we have much better wheel performance.

  • The turbine housing valve parts are made of heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-strength alloy, which can withstand long-term high temperature and valve closing impacts.

  • The exhaust housing is made of high temperature-resistant D5S cast iron. It is able to withstand continuous extreme temperature and pressure.The exhaust housing is made of high temperature-resistant D5S cast iron. It is able to withstand continuous extreme temperature and pressure.

  • Balanced by Schenck balancing machine
    Precise balancing is one of the essential procedures in Amaker Turbo production. A good balance is always an important factor in having an outstanding performance and reliability of a turbocharger. A good balance can also improve the noise generated by the high-speed operation. We have very strict operating standards for balance. First, we perform a low-speed dynamic balancing on a high-precision single-piece balancing machine in order to achieve the best balance of the parts. Secondly, we rigorously assemble the CHRA parts. After the assembly is completed, the high-speed dynamic balance is then performed. Our high-speed dynamic balancing machine can reach a maximum speed of 250,000 RPM. This balancing standard surpasses the OEM standards. Each turbo is accompanied by a serial number and the balance test result is kept in our database.

Stock Turbo VS Amaker 300 Turbo

The wheel comparison

Necessary upgrades
In order to maximize the performance of this turbo, we recommend upgrading suitable software as well as a downpipe, exhaust system, intercooler and air intake. A BOV is a strong recommendation for this upgrade as well. An optional Amaker BOV upgrade is available.


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