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Our Story

Focusing on innovation and R&D;Aiming for the world's top leading brand.

AMAKER has extensive experience in the field of auto repair and maintenance thus we could keenly anticipate the future development trend of the auto industry.  We also invest a great amount in purchasing advanced production equipment, building a professional service team, and establishing the performance turbo brand "AMAKER". Integrate the key components of upstream and downstream, with rich experience in components and warranty, research exclusive technology and improve the turbo design.

What We do

Delivering Exceptional Performance with Turbocharging Solutions.

AMAKER is a manufacturer for turbochargers, actuators, CHRA, and as well as turbocharger kits.  In order to meet the needs and standard of performance cars as well as extreme applications.  We use the most advanced technology to create high-efficiency turbocharging systems, effectively improving the integration technology of turbo-engines, and improving the overall power.The development of high-efficiency products is our company's principle of extending the service life of the turbine and protecting the engine. While developing fuel efficiency and exhaust emission regulations, it also sets a new benchmark for vehicle performance. This is strictly important to the customers. It is not only a goal but it's our mission.

Brand Mission

Construct an advanced and efficient solution;for "comprehensive turbine upgrades".

AMAKER offer a range of advanced turbocharging solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our turbocharging solutions combine the latest technology and expertise to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency enhancements. Whether it's for cars, motorcycles, or other power-driven vehicles, our solutions effectively increase power output, enhance acceleration performance, and improve fuel efficiency.

Core Value

Focus on the core DNA of  "focusing on innovation, R&D, and create turbo-quality craftsmanship".

AMAKER focuses on details and craftsmanship. From material selection to the manufacturing process, we strictly control every step to ensure excellent product quality and reliability. We believe that only with outstanding craftsmanship and technology can we create true turbo masterpieces and provide customers with the best user experience.

This is our core DNA, continuously dedicated to technological innovation and exquisite craftsmanship, offering exceptional products and services to our customers. Whether they are performance-driven enthusiasts or owners seeking superior driving experiences, we are committed to surpassing expectations and becoming a trusted partner.

Brand Vision

To become the world's top turbo manufacturer and AM leading brand;"innovative research and development, intelligent manufacturing".

The brand vision of AMAKER is to become a globally leading turbocharging aftermarket brand, focusing on "innovation in research and development" and "intelligent manufacturing." We are committed to driving the forefront of turbocharging technology, continuously developing innovative solutions to deliver excellent performance and efficiency. At the same time, we build our foundation on intelligent manufacturing, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and automated processes to ensure outstanding product quality and maximize production efficiency. We strive for excellence, aiming to provide customers with world-class turbocharging products and become an industry leader.

Future Vision

"AMAKER" - Leading the Way in Technological Innovation and Turbo Craftsmanship

In the future, "AMAKER" will uphold the core values of "dedicated to technological innovation and creating exquisite turbo craftsmanship" to establish itself as a leading benchmark in the global turbocharger industry. We are committed to becoming a pioneer in turbocharger brands by focusing on technological advancements and crafting high-quality turbo products. Through continuous research and innovation, we strive for excellence in performance, reliability, and craftsmanship. We spare no effort in pursuing excellence and aim to contribute to the progress of the turbocharger industry. Our goal is to provide customers with exceptional product experiences and make valuable contributions to the development of global turbocharger brands.