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Amaker 6XX for VAG 2.0 TSI/TFSI EA888 Gen3 IS38 BB Turbo Upgrade

Introducing the Amaker 6XX Upgrade for EA888 GEN3 with Up to 700PS Horsepower

The Amaker 6XX for EA888 GEN3 is designed with a corresponding horsepower of up to 700PS, which is made for customers who are eager for top-end power.  It comes with a high-flow turbine wheel as well as a high-efficiency 7+7 billet compressor wheel.  Our patented PEEK cage with ceramic ball bearing is designed for an easy boost at low revolutions. From actual testing, it reaches full boost at 3800 RPM and still shows potential boost at high RPM. After the medium revolutions, the acceleration performance is still fierce.  The force keeps going until the ship cuts the fuel.   Due to the characteristics of this product, forged engine, ECU tuning and necessary modifications are STRONGLY recommended as well as professional tuning consulting.

Amaker 500 Turbo for Mercedes Benz A45 M133

Unleash the Power of the Benz A45 with a Quick and Responsive Turbo Upgrade

Amaker 500 for Benz A45 is perfect for users who look for a quick responsive turbo, and gain in the overall and top-end power.  The output is stable in mid RPM and able to give continuous power until it reaches the max power.  The maximum horsepower is expected to reach 500HP.